My Glide-based app is misbehaving

Hi Team – My Glide-based app is misbehaving. I first noticed it about a week or 2 ago, where historical data was no longer displaying. I hoped it would be corrected but today I noticed that the dashboard no longer renders either. According to Glide’s Data panel for this particular app, the last record is on June 2nd 2024. That means that about 10 records are missing.

Here’s the URL to the app in the Glide UI: Glide

Any ideas? Thank you.

Is there a 500 record threshold in Glide’s free plan? If so, that might be the cause of the “misbehavior” that I’m seeing. If that’s the case, is it as simple as me deleting (and, potentially, archiving) some number of rows from the source Google Sheet doc?

Yes, the Legacy Free plan had this limit.

We have a new Free plan that you can access by creating a new team. Review our pricing page for the benefits (up to 25k rows) and trade-offs (Glide Tables only–no Google Sheets).

Thanks so much, David. I’ll check out the new Free plan.

One final thought on this @david . Not sure where the Legacy Free plan stands in your priorities (guessing probably low), but this might apply more generally. My app silently started misbehaving. The Dashboard view didn’t render at all. However, there were no apparent signs of a problem anywhere in the app UI. Perhaps at the time that the 501st record (or any threshold is breached) a message could be displayed?

In the past there has been emails that are sent out once you approach any limits. Is there maybe an email you overlooked, or was sent to your spam folder?

Thank you @Jeff_Hager . Did a quick double-check, and I don’t think I missed an alert email, but I can’t be absolutely sure. Still, sounds like the “threshold alert feature” has been considered and implemented already, and that was my main point.

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