My first Glide app - the release is a little disastrous

Wednesday last week the Canadian government announced a new temporary immigration program. Of course, the details of the requirements for candidates is quite convoluted, so I decided to distill it down and make it publicly accessible for free. So I worked for four days on the logic and data entry and released the app last night on Twitter to a handful of immigration lawyers.

When I woke up I had some responses from lawyers in the Eastern time zone, (I’m in the Pacific), that they were having trouble accessing the app. So I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this. First I had to make the app public with email again, I seem to be having an issue trying to make the app public (without email).

You have to enter your app and go to Settings → Privacy → Public. I add a Photo. Mine is Public with Email but you have to select Public.

Thanks. I did that, but I had first built the app “public with email” and had the email as a row owner. I wanted to remove the friction of the email login so I removed the email row ownership and switched it to “public”. The rows have a unique ID, but when I was trying it after the switch new rows weren’t being made, so each device I was trying was overwriting what I had entered on the other… I think I’m answering my own question as I write this - I’m not sure I have a “add new row” step if there’s no email login.

Of course if you want to had new information (like personal information) inputed by users you need public with email, in order to filtered out by that.

What I really want is the email input at the end, not the beginning. I want the user to try the app and not have the friction and doubt of giving their email first. So on the last page of the app, after the person received some valuable information, I have an email input field, tied to the user email, and as row owner - hoping that this would work. It did not haha. I tried switching the row owner to the unique ID of the row, but it also didn’t work, yet… as I mentioned I may need to modify the “add new row” step. But I’m stuck now for the day because I released the app and people are trying it. There’s no QA version I can try in the background before pushing to production, so I’ll wait until tonight to try more things.

You can duplicate the app to try new things but then when you want to introduce them you have to build them in the “usable” App. Have you tried this type of action button? Maybe is what you need: Show Sign In - Glide Library

I didn’t know about this, it looks like what I need! So if I add this button somewhere in the app does it automagically remove the sign-up page from the beginning?

Regarding duplicating the app, I’ll look into it as well. It’s a pro app, so I don’t want to pay for a test version, but maybe I don’t need the pro features… I’ll try it. Thanks so much.

Exactly, that functionality what it does is that you can show to people some things and then ask for sign in to do more things. This button pick up the emails (anonymous) and creat a row into the users sheet and note a login into the Login Log.