Self registration and sign in to a public app

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My app Is ready for market and the only thing that is still painful is the new user signing and registration process.
I have a website from where I have a button to the app.
All the packages, prices etc is in Glide in the first Tab the user meets (All other tabs have visible conditions only for when he completed the payment and is an active user.
Initially When I was building the app it was set to public with email, so now every time a new customer wants to visit the pricing he has to log in first with the email pin and its a bit of a hustle…
When a customers chooses to purchase and proceed I have a Webhook to integromat that updates his user row in GS and set columns so that he is an active user.
I would like to turn my app public.
What is the best way to get the user email and sign him when he finishes payment?
Thank you.

What service are you using for the payment process? If that catches the user’s email then you can write a new row through Integromat, I assume.

However, you must also take into account the best user flow. What happens to the user after he/she pays? Are they told to login, presented a button to login or something else?

I use an outside payment page. It does catch the user email and that’s how I know the row I want to update in the users GS.
If I add the new row after payment then I will need to prompt the user to login, I am afraid he will do that before the data is synched back to glide and he will be signed as a new non active user. I already had that option.
That’s why I realized the best way is to have the row updated and not added and display a loading GIF until the visible conditions meet.
Is it possible that the user himself while he is still not logged and is using the public area of the app, adds a user row with his own email? then when he needs to log in after payment he will definitely log to the row that is about to be updated.


I don’t have an answer (yet) but want to share my story as I face the exact same problem with my recently published app, Festival Chasers. Perhaps we can explore solutions together.

Festival Chasers is designed for paid subscriptions…so how to make it public, still create user profiles for filter features and subscription tracking? And this is complicated by the fact that people want to try before they buy. Festival Chasers currently has over 200 events in Texas and Louisiana and over 1800 calendar dates for those events.

As a new user to Glide AND Stripe AND Zapier, I was having trouble making it work like I want. Couldn’t get the Zap to work quite right.

Solution #1: For the past couple of weeks, I have used visibility conditions to have full access tabs and different sample tabs of only about a dozen events. When someone logs in the first time with email and then enters the subsequent PIN, they have access to the sample tabs only.

The mechanics of that worked, but I wasn’t happy with it. The sample tabs included a Hint stating it was only a sample selection and a Button that linked to a Stripe payment link. Once paid, Zapier sends the subscription info back to Google Sheets and turns off the sample tabs and turns on the full access tabs for each individual user.

After playing with that for a couple of weeks and learning more, I finally have the Zap process allowing full access to everyone with a 14-day free trial before Stripe charges their credit card. Now, when new users log in, they land on a Welcome/Join Today page.

However that does NOT solve my try before you buy problem. Before entering a credit card (even for a free trial) I want to see what I’m buying!!! So I assume everyone else does, too.

Solution #2: I created a short video that demonstrates what Festival Chasers is so users can see the literal content tabs. I provide a link to the video and information about the 14-day free trial on that initial landing page.


So now the big questions:

  • Shall I change the privacy setting from “public with email” to “public” to avoid the sign-in screen and 2-step PIN process?
  • Do I like the idea that everyone will go directly to the above landing page at
  • Am I happy with that landing page?
  • Will people watch the video to see Festival Chasers?
  • Will the video and free trial convince them to enter their credit card?
  • I’ll need to determine the mechanics to still have users enter a user name at somepoint in the process for row identification for the filters to work.

Thanks for everyone’s input.

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What about having a setup like this?

  • Add a user-specific column in a separate sheet (that will house your Public tab), tell the user to add their email there.

  • When the email is filled, you can check if it already exists in your database or not by a relation, then if it’s not a duplicate you show a “Start here” button that will add a row to your database and increment another user-specific column.

  • Show your webview only when the user-specific column in step 2 equals 1. Then you’re sure the user’s email already has a row for itself before the payment process starts.


Yes this is similar to what I had in mind…
You helped me arrange in my head :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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