My first app, 2nd release - request for testers

Hello! I spent the last few weeks working on a public app with requirements to have a lot of functionality available to the user, not just viewing things. I built it, and then rebuilt it several times going from public with email / screens / huge user table to public / tabs / individual tables per tab. Also, I did something that may or may not work out based on my experience of retyping al my content again and again - I added all the content as in columns in the first row of each tab. It groups everything nicely and makes the tab component building really slick. The danger is deleting the first row by mistake haha.

I’d appreciate having some testers here before I have another public flop. Please judge me on the functionality rather than the content - the app is probably not for you…

A big thank you to those that helped me get here: @ThinhDinh , @eltintero , @shchc , @Darren_Murphy , @Robert_Petitto , @adriasoce , @Jeff_Hager and others


Just in case you will insert more links here later, I think you can convert this to an inline list and add a search bar.

For this screen, if everything is required to be checked to advance, I think you can just show the checklist as text and have one single checkbox that tells the user something like “I have qualified for all these criteria”. That takes away the need to check multiple boxes.

For this screen, I’m not sure if the checkbox should be checked to be able to advance, I think it should not be required to give users a choice to receive updates or not.

Well done! Congrats!

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Thanks so much for your detailed review!

Good tip. I may add a document checklist which will be much longer and may look better that way.

There’s a fine balance between making it user friendly, and making it too easy to not read the details. I think the extra checks at least brings their eyes to each line.

You’re totally right! I screwed up the visibility conditions the last time I rebuilt this screen. I’ll fix that now.

I added increments to many of the buttons so that I can see when things are being clicked and steps are being completed, and then I can get the total counts as well. This is working well too :slight_smile:

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Your app and “content in first row” techniques are very intriguing!

I have been wanting to create some decision tree style apps (i.e. content changes depending on answers to multiple questions) to help people in the US make appropriate choices about their Medicare health insurance options. Your techniques could help me achieve my goal.

Can you provide more “how to” details about your techniques in text or video or even share a stripped down, bare bones version demonstrating the techniques ?


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Thanks Fred! Just be careful, I don’t understand all the ramifications yet. I used it on a small app first.

This is the situation I was in as well. It took me some time to figure out how to get around the functionality of a “user first” style app, to make it more open up-front.

Check out my other post and see if that helps, there’s a video with my explanation.