Help me for develop my first app

I am developing my first app with glide now. So, i need many advice from all of you. Help me please. Tq so much

Welcome to Glide :wave:

Ideas that might help you get started:

Happy building.


Ty so much. How i make table in new screen? Pls give ur advice. Ty

Pada tanggal Min, 9 Okt 2022 07.49, Nathanael Boy via Glide Community <> menulis:

I recommend you look at Glide Docs and start with the basic instructions.

If you have already started a project, notice in particular 3 areas/icons at the top:

  • Data editor
  • Layout
  • Settings

Start with “Settings”: that way you can slowly get into the look and feel of your app.

Then head to “Layout”. Create tabs, change the style/layout of your tabs, add components to your tabs. By doing this, design the interface and experience of your app. You’ll notice that each tab is linked to a data source which for now is the name of a table.

Finally, go to “Data editor”. See if the data you need for your tabs is in each table. If not, create columns and enter the data. Go back and forth to the builder the point the components to the correct columns. See your app take shape and check that the experience in the app is as you wish.

Once you’re happy enough with your 1st version, hit publish in the upper right-hand corner.

That could be a good start I think.



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