My client is openning the app through his iphone and the screen scrolls to the sides without keeping the framing

Hi there,

A client of us is using my glide app with an iphone 14 pro max, and when he opens the screen is not framed correctly. Any ideas to fix this? Please help!!!

To give more context, the app is a contact list, supposed to only scroll downwards. However the buttons and screen is not framed correctly in this client’s phone and he must scroll horizontally to access all the information.

Does the user have desktop mode enabled on their phone?

No… hes got it on the default phone view. Any other ideas?

Can you give us a screenshot of the problem?

This is a screenshot @ThinhDinh . Same happens when he ‘installs’ the app with the share > add to home screen.

Any ideas!?

Does your user have the font and display size set larger than usual on that device? Everything looks very large, so it may have trouble fitting on the screen.

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Solved jeff! the text size in safari was too big


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