Mobile view for iPhone 14 Pro Max

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Describe the bug:
The app appears differently on an iPhone 14 Pro Max vs an iPhone SE due to the difference in screen size. Specifically, the grid view of categories, where the SE iPhone shows 2 across for Size = Small and Style = Squares but the Pro Max shows 3 across. Also, when the Pro Max is turned landscape, Glide changes to the laptop view.

Expected behavior:

  • All mobile devices should display the pages similarly.

How to replicate:

  • N/A - See list of home page

Link to demo recording:

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So you expect the grid view to always show 3 across regardless of the screen size? I don’t have an iPhone SE to test, but does the size of collection items the same between iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone SE? It might be just a case of them valuing the consistency of item sizing across devices.

I have posted about this too. In Classic Apps you can set the number of tiles across so that it is the same on every device. In Pages there is no way to set it and the number across will change depending on the screen size. My app needs the number to be set (or at least 4 across) so I see this as a flaw in the Pages mobile view. We’re often told that Pages is as good as or better than Classic Apps in mobile view but I don’t think it’s quite there yet. I really hope we get the option to control grid format at some stage, my app is rendered useless otherwise.


@Tristan @Ivo_Elbert some feedback here.

Actually, I would hope that screens the size of the pro max would be recognized as mobile phones and the experience across all mobile phones would be consistent.

Yeah that’s the issue and I don’t mean to redirect the focus from a specific fix for it, but for me it’s about customisation. Having the format ‘adapt’ to devices reduces the customisation control we have. There are going to be use cases where the format needs to be a certain way.

Has any progress been made on this item?