Mobile app looks zoomed out on phone

I had a user ask me why I’d changed the app as it’s all too small for him now.
I haven’t changed anything, so I opened the app on my phone and he’s correct, the app now doesn’t fill the width of the screen like it did before and the floating button is tiny.

The pages on the app were filled with cards which would click through to further information, but now those cards are down the side and the further information opens to the side. The cards are unreadable.

When I log into the layout page the image showing a phone with the layout looks exactly like it did before and should do now.

Is there something I need to set to ensure the phone layout forms correctly.

I’ve attached two images to show.
This first one shows what the planned layout should be and how the app looked originally.

I’m only allowed one embed, so I’ll show what it l looks like in a reply.

This is what it looks like on my phone screen

This is the default view for list views on tablet/desktop of Classic Apps. I assume you can change this screen to a details view layout and use an inline list, but that would mean you lose the ability to filter on the screen level.

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Why is it showing as a tablet/desktop on a mobile phone? I’d just prefer it to go back to mobile view like the top picture shows it would.
I don’t want to change the actual layout, just the way it’s being displayed.
For months it looked like the top version and it was perfect.

How big is the screen resolution on your phone?
It might be that it’s being detected as a tablet.
Have you changed phones recently, or has the behaviour changed on the same phone?

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