Previewing app, formatting layout

A couple of things, one of which I have touched on before.

  1. When building an app, how can I preview what it’s going to look like in mobile format? The obvious answer is to set the layout to mobile preview, however this appears to be Glide’s best guess rather than what it will actually look like:

Here’s the preview…

…and here’s a screen of the app on my phone:

To get an accurate view I have to close and reopen the app on my phone to see what it will look like every time I make a change in the builder. One thing I like about classic apps is that you can see exactly what the app will look like without needing your device.

  1. I am rebuilding a Classic app as a Glide app because I understand that eventually the classic app will not be supported. Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the layout the app had in its original format:

The classic app:

Glide Page version:

With the layout being such an integral part of designing an app, it seems kind of odd that we no longer have full control over some aspects of the layout. I guess this mainly affects the tiles/grid layout but I would like to know if Glide has any plans to give us more control at some stage?

Have you tried resizing the phone view in the builder? Your phone can be smaller or bigger than the default mobile size in the builder, so it allows you to change accordingly.

@tristan Here’s a feedback about the number of tiles on each row as a configurable option.

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Thank you, I wondered if there was something I might have missed. How do I resize the phone view? Do you mean drag the edges of the panels on either side? Doing that in desktop preview changes the grid format, but does not affect anything in mobile preview. Unless you mean something else?

Oh you’re right on the size not being changeable for mobile. When Tristan reads this, I think he’ll notice it. Also tagging @Ivo_Elbert .

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Thank you :+1:t2: