Aesthetics of the Glide App: iOS vs Android

Hi guys,
Do glide apps look the same on both ios and android?

I plan to start sharing my mobile app soon (the new glide pages version) but I have not seen what the interface looks like on an iphone (which is a small source of discomfort, lol).

Is there anything I should be aware of regarding the app layout on ios vs android?

Hi Sekayi,
In general, there isn’t much difference. New Glide is more consistent than Classic Glide. Perhaps you need to master the installation process, as this is often a user question.

You can either preview it on the phone version in the builder, or publish and test it yourself if you have an iOS device.

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hmm… ok. Thanks

ok. I don’t have an iphone so i will have to use the preview then.
Is there a way to specify that I want to preview an iphone in the builder rather than android?

The mobile preview that you see on the dashboard is the closest to the iOS model, but it is not guaranteed that everything will be the same.

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ok, understood. I will cross my fingers then… :melting_face:

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