Testing for older iphone4

Just started using Glide by trying lout the Instagram template.
Couple of minor issues I encountered:

  • I changed the accent colour, which shows up fine on my desktop but it doesn’t change on my iPhone. The only way to change seemed to be by deleting and then re-installing on my iPhone. Surely changes should push through to iPhone…?

  • i thought I’d see if could get the app to work using an old Iphone4 but the app won’t load…I assume the hardware/IOS won’t support, which makes me wonder what versions of iPhone ( & Android) Glide app will work with…?


I have it working on an old iPhone SE, which is the same body as the 5… so a little taller than the 4 but basically in the same size range. Its loaded with the current version of iOS though, unlike the 4 which isn’t supported by Apple anymore. The only problem with the SE is the size makes it pretty cramped for anything but simple apps. Once you get your own images and fixed width elements in there, the resizing of things kills its look versus modern sized devices. I keep it open on my desk for occasional testing to try my best to keep it looking okay, but so few use phones that size anymore, it’s not worth too much time.

I look at it this way, on initial load of the app on a phone, the interface is loaded and stored locally. Once it’s running, only data is passed back and forth. For me on Android, any time I make changes to the interface, such as color or component changes, then I just need to force close the app and restart it to get the updated interface changes. I’ve never had to uninstall it completely. There are some elements, like the app icon and first load screen, which are just part of the initial install and may or may not ever update, as outlined below:

This all depends on the version of Safari you’re using, which is tied to the version of iOS. Glide uses the latest Safari features, so older versions will likely not work and it’s not yet one of our goals to support Safari versions that are more than 2 years old.

You can see our requirements here: https://docs.glideapps.com/all/etc/faq/system-requirements#browser-requirements-apps

Trying to get it to work on an old iphone4 was more out of curiosity, as one older family member still uses, will encourage them to change :wink:

As to my other question, if I was to modify layout/colours/structure etc on an app that was already installed by other users, shouldn’t this update what they see …?

It will eventually, but force closing the app is quicker. Like I said above, if the app is already running, it’s not pulling interface updates constantly. It’s just moving data back and forth. If you restart the app, then it reloads the interface.

I’ve tried force closing the App but no changes when I re-open…am running on iphone 6 with is 12.4.5
Is there a time lag on this, as been 10 mins or so…

I’m not sure about IOS. I know that’s how it works on Android. It’s always been instant for me after restarting the app.