Layouts. Mobile vs Desktop

Is there a way to have a layout for mobile and another for desktop. The new layouts options do not seem as user friendly as the ones in the classic app. The desktop and tablet interface has increased but the mobile is not as good as before.

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In new apps everything is optimized for you and will only get better. If you want more granular control have a look at this

There’s also a new integration ‘detect system info’ or something like that. I only tried it once but couldn’t get the same affect.

I am experiencing some limitations as well.

The biggest limitation with the new apps versus the old is we lost the ability for horizontal scrolling. This was a great feature on mobile.

I concur that it would be nice to hide or show certain elements based on screen size.

It would also be beneficial to access the database collections in the main glide side menu instead of always through the app. I would like to see all my databases and which apps are using them.

As a bonus, it would be powerful to place a filter or condition on the database when adding it into the app. Especially for shared databases where limited info is applicable to the app.

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Can you tell us what isn’t working?

Right now I have a classic app that I am not comfortable making into the new app so I am considering having two versions of my app because the layout options of the new glideapps are so limited. While i love the push notifications feature, losing the layout options is a huge loss.

Now on the website it was stated that all features of the classic apps will transition over except for a few and the different layout options was not a feature that was listed as not moving to the new version of glideapps with push notifications and all the new integrations.

You can view it at

There is no way to achieve this layout in the current new version of glideapps

The detect system info did work I just couldn’t figure out how to detect the type of device… it returned an operating system.

The JavaScript is straight forward because the word ‘mobile’ can be used as a condition easily.

Perhaps if I tested and thought about it a little more I could’ve come up with an answer.

What do you suggest?

So, it seems like there is not current solution ?

To be clear about this, the idea is you can grab the user’s type of device using either the “Get Device Info” (when it works right) or JavaScript, then show/hide components based on that.

But from reading your post, I think what you want is to get the mobile view of some components in Classic Apps in the new Glide Apps, which at the moment isn’t possible. I don’t know if they plan to bring that same design to the new version.

aw man, that’s disappointing

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