GlideApp Classic alternative nocode tools

Hello, strange to ask this here but i’m sure i’m not alone.
I loved the experience building my Classic GlideApp MVP, but i started migrating to the new version it’s basically lost 50% the features I needed.

Does anyone know of nice user friendly Glide App Classic alternative with the following key features.

  • Mobile only (showing the mobile preview on desktop)
  • Favoriting in collections
  • Collection Maps display

Thank you.

Glide Apps are responsive and designed to fit and adapt to any screen size. I’m sure people have reasons for wanting to restrict the width of their app, so I won’t argue that. The only alternative I could offer would involve a business+ plan which allows your app to be iframe embedded in another web site, which would allow you to create a sort of phone emulator with your app displayed inside of it. Other than that, simply making your browser window smaller will give you the mobile experience as well.

You can still do this. Favorites in classic apps were nothing more than a user specific boolean column and a button or switch to set the boolean. Pretty easy to reproduce in New Apps.

The Map component in New apps is a type of collection. So you can show one item on the map or show multiple items. All depends on how you configure it and the data you feed into it.


thanks for the response.
maybe ill stop being lazy and try to get maps and favourites working again if i dont find an alternative.

do you know of any templates / examples showing maps and favourites together in the new app?
here’s a screenshot of my classic app.

so you can switch between the map / list view, and filter by favourites.

floating button component has also removed

there are also bugs a found preventing me from duplicating screens and changing the data source which makes building screens like this from scratch each time a drag.

also is the share location feature in the new map.

Not natively possible using the new component anymore, but theoretically you can have a choice component and show/hide two different components based on the chosen value.

Maybe the same approach as above, using a user-specific boolean column for favorites.

This might be possible with CSS if you’re on any newest pricing structure’s paid plan.

Can you clarify more on this with some screenshots or a video?


It’s pretty easy to copy all components from one screen and paste them into another. Most, if not all components should copy over without issues. May just require minimal reconfiguration of each component to link to the correct columns in the table, if the source table is different. Have you tried that?


Oh yes, copy all, pasting helps thank you.

This going a bit off topic. but this is why i’m asking about alternatives.