My buttons stopped working

My image in the list is static when I press the buttons… But in the DATA, i’m still able to add numbers and subtract numbers, but in my image, they are frozen, HELP!

Hello. I think you’ll need to explain a bit more what you are trying to achieve in the Layout and Data Editors, and what you have built so far.

It seems you might have buttons with increment actions? These take effect in the Data Editor correctly? What are you expecting to see in the Layout Editor?

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I’m having another problem rn… I discovered my error and now Im having another…

My single value colloum is copying the information in the User screen when Im logged as a ADM and when Im not…

here’s the other problem in video…

What’s the problem? Seems like it’s working correctly based on how you have it configured. If your single value column is retrieving information from the user profile, then it’s going to get data from the signed in user’s profile row. It will be different for each user.

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I want my user to be the ADM and see the other users with different values that I previously arranged… IDK how to explain, my english is trash sorry

I don’t know if I fully understand what you are trying to do, but based on what I’m seeing in your screenshots, your single value column is probably using value from the User Profile of the signed in user. Seems that you should be getting values from the User table instead of the User Profile. Yes, they are different even if they use the same table. The user profile will ALWAYS return values for the signed in user ONLY.

I don’t know if you are trying to only retrieve values from only the ADM record, but if so, you will need to create a relation column in the Cartão fidelidade table to link to that ADM record in the User table, and then change your single value column to use that relation instead.


If I am an ADM, I want to see others users values when I’m still logged as ADM… Right now I can only see and change things if I change users

What exactly do you want to “change” and you can not see when you log in as the admin?

Do you have row owners/roles or user-specific columns?

If I reach 10 stars, my stars stay frozen, and If I do that as the ADM in MY User, the stars work normally, they go back to 0, but if I change to another user in my app, Im only able to change my user, this is so hard to explain. I tried to create another relation to work if Im the ADM, but it doesnt work at all

I don’t think I understand your problem in full. Can you attach some screenshots of your data structure and configurations? Is it different from what you have in the screenshots and video you provided earlier in the thread?