Set colum values no work in buttons - Glide Pages

Hello, good afternoon.

I’m using some buttons on a page, several of them should change some values when activated in a google sheet, but activating them doesn’t change the values.

I do exactly the same thing in a Glide App and in the App it works perfectly, does anyone have the same problem?

I ran into this the other day and @V88 gave me a great work-around that did the trick (for me at least).

Does your table have a ROWID configured? If it doesn’t add a ROWID column and then see if your action works.

If it already has a ROWID, I’d suggest sending a Glide a support request.


Yes, my table already has a RowID
I’ve tried everything and can’t get it to work.

Just checked and for me it worked if the Row ID column is there or not! :no_mouth: What happens if you put the Set Column values action in 2nd place?

Still if not works as Kyle’s advice too then I guess the best would be Submitting a support request like Kyle mentioned too!

If you mean formatting the Fecha de revición date and time column as Fecha date and time column you need to format that Fecha de revición date and time column as Date inside the Google sheet selecting that column and got to the Format tab and select Number > Date and come back to Glide Data Editor and click the reload icon!

Thank you