Action using "set column values" add the wrong info

Hi every one,

I have a button in my GideApp. This button is linked to an action which is named “participation”. This action makes a “Set Column values” to add the “User Profile>RowId” to the column of another table which is named “Activities”. When I click on the button the action works but the “User Profile>RowId” added in the cell is not the good one. The code added correspond to no user registred in the table “Users”. Any ideas?

Can you show how you have your action configured?

Hi Jeff !

Thank for your answer. I join a capture, my mistake should be stupid:

(Sorry for french words)

I don’t see anything wrong with your Set Column action. So to be clear, the RowID that’s added doesn’t exist at all in the user profile table? Are you previewing the app as a different user, or maybe previewing as ‘anyone’?

Exactly, RowID that’s added doesn’t exist at all in the user profile table. I am previewing the app with a user that is registred in the user profile table.

That does seem odd. It may be a bug, but just to double check, can you show the Row ID column in your user profile table and the value that was written to your Activities table. I’m just looking for anything else that I may be missing.

As you can see RowIDs are not the same at all. For the second capture it is the user table, for privacy reasons I can’t show all.

What is strange is that the app was working in may and I didn’t touch it during months and now it’s not working.

Hi @yoannh21,

Please submit a support ticket for us to take a look at this.

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Hi Santiago,

It’s done, I submited a support ticket. Now I will sleep because it’s 11 pm (23h) in France.

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FYI: I have had similar but not the same kind of problem where rows would be added randomly and new rows would have some data deleted. Really wired stuff when adding a record via a form.