Data not adding to form

I have an order page where the form adds the User’s ROW_ID to the order, everything was working great but things get weird when I test with other users or try it on different platforms like my phone instead of mobile_view on desktop.
Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 11.02.43 PM

Sometimes it would add the ROWID then not add it when it’s the same user

Can you show how the RowID gets added?
Is it used with the form as a column value, or is it part of an on submit action?
I assume that your User Profiles are correctly set up, and you’re correctly selecting the value from the user profile row?

Hey brother, so the way it get’s added is on a submit forum.

Maybe I didn’t set up my user profiles correctly? How would I check?

It looks like you do, but to double check you can click on the User Profile “tab” in the tabs menu:

And then you should see something like this:

Another thing that could be tripping things up is Row Owners. Do any columns in your User Profiles table have Row Owners applied? If yes, which?

Users is set up correctly, yeah. And no row owners.

It’s weird, and kind of annoying. Since i’m new I don’t know if it’s me or the system

If you are using a form, you can add a user profile column component to the form itself. Personally I don’t like using ‘On Submit’ for anything if I don’t have to.


To be clear, “On Submit” would fail if the row is not created before the action takes place. As Jeff said, please use a special value.

This is a really good idea, and worked for a lot of the users, except for one of them (so far). When I submit the form under “John” it takes the ROWID from another user and uses that data, but none of the other users that i’ve tested does that (so far)

It seems like the issues is with that one user “John”. When I create an order with him it doesn’t work randomly, for some reason it’s taking the ROWID from another user, i’ll screenshot the other user’s info here:

But there are required fields within the Form, so prior to the action there necessarily would need to be a row created by the user - not sure why it wouldn’t populate.

I don’t think it works like that. The form’s “add row” action fires and right after that the “set column” on-submit action fires, there’s no guarantee that the row is there in time for the set column action to work with. We have seen this behaviour reported many times.

Are you using a “screen column” or a “user profiles column”?

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I changed the ROWID to be created through a user profile column, which seemed to solve the problem but this happened: