Multiuser app

Several users share a library consisting of books, chapters and pages. When a user walks down to a page I would like him to answer questions. I do not have a problem to show him questions, nor to “record” answers in a multi user environment. Where I do have a problem is to obtain his answer. A text input field at the lowest level does not let me reference the user profile anymore. Can you help ?

If you make a relation in your answer table to the user table, you should still be able to reference your user table fields through the relation. All you need is the owner/user email in the answer table. I think you need to set it up as a user-specific column for the relation to work during add time. Another trick I saw recently is to us a template column to get the user and then make a relation off of that << this is easier.

The writing of the answer is not the problem, using add record one can reference the user profile.

Much like an action text. However text entry allows you to enter data only to the same level.

What I am looking for is a virtual field - systems field that is not tied to a table…

How are you recording user responses? If it were me, I’d create a form button at the page level that writes answers to a new “responses” sheet. If you include a user identifier (RowID or email) and the page (RowID or some other unique page identifier), then you can you can easily track which users are answering which questions for each page.

I talk a bit about this in my “challenges” video in my gamification series:

Gamify Glide Apps Reboot #3: Challenges and Admin Awards