⚠️ How to view saved items per user profile?


I’ve built quiz app with glide
i’ve 2 issues i could not solve

1- I made save button that will be visible in every question (simple button).
func: when user click it , it save that question to his linked profile (email) bc i will let user view his/her saved questions in a separate page so he could review saved question ( the solution i made it save question but not to user tables ! ) so I need your help with that.
it has to be a relation so user could be all his question.

second issue
2-when user click on any choice it will reveal if that choice is correct or incorrect , i made that already but again i can’t connect user profile (users table) bc currently if any user click it all reveal answer for all users.
later i will track correct or incorrect answer.

pls if anyone could help, i spent days and i could not find a solution.

video of the quiz

You can store answers in separate table:
During save button on each answer do add row to answers table which can have User email column and answer column
In user row you can create multi relation from user email to user column in answers table. This relation can be source for pages(inline list) which will be showing review.

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can we do that without adding new row every time , bc this will add so many rows , and we have the 25k limitation, can we achieve this with boolean ?

This should be a boolean user-specific column (USC_. You can show a button to set a “Saved” USC column to true, and show a collection of questions, filtered by “Saved” is checked.

I’m not sure how you are building this flow, but again, the users’ answers should be stored in a USC.


@ThinhDinh thank you very much

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