Is this quiz model possible?

I have built a glide app to use with my students in China (currently testing and they are very happy - except for the need for a vpn which is an issue).

I want to create quizes to use with them. They attend classes via Zoom, but I want them to answer questions on the app (using a form I imagine) and then submit it. Then I want to use the database to mark it as submitted - so I can look at the results live in the lesson (or later) and give feedback. And also so that they can see their results. I can design the questions so that there is only one correct answer.

I want to be able to produce many quizzes and store them to reuse.

My initial plan is to test with class students - maximum 40. But if I can create a workable format I also teach webinars with c400 students and my medium term goal is to integrate this active quiz element in the webinars (and then to use it between webinars to monitor progress).

I don’t mind lots of hassle trying to build this - but I am not sure if it is possible in principle or not?

I would appreciate any ideas.



Create a table called “Questions” (You can always change the name of the tables).
This table with have 3 columns:

  • Question (Containing the question)
  • Answer Option 1 (I’m just assuming you want 4)
  • Answer Option 2
  • Answer Option 3
  • Answer Option 4
  • Correct Answer (Write the correct answer)
  • Users Answer (User-specific answer)

You now have multiple options to layout:
You can now make a headline text with the question.
Under that, you can make 4 buttons (or something else) that each represent the answer options.
You won’t be able to make a list, unfortunately but you can make as many rows as you want, and if the question is empty you can hide that row.

If you want to make a list you can do this:
Make a list with the questions, and when you click on it, you can have 4 buttons representing each answer.

Thanks for your suggestion.

One issue is that I want to be able to see the answers of each student. If the student answer column is user specific I think that means I cannot do that. Am I wrong?

Thanks Paul

Hi Paul,
There are quite a few quiz templates in the template library.
I think the preview of each template will allow you to view how the data is structured in the backend.
This should give you ideas about what’s possible and what’s not possible.


That’s a good idea. Thanks

I would do this:

  1. create a table with these column:
    a) display (y/n)
    b) question (text)
    c) answer 1 to 4 (text)
    d) correct answer (number)

  2. then, create an inline list displaying the questions in (1), with display visibility of your choice.

  3. when a student answers, they press on the question from the inline list displaying answer 1 to 4 via a button.

  4. student presses the button, enter their email, screen question, screen corect answer and a choice button for the answer (1-4).

  5. when a student answers them, it captures their email, the question, correct answer and choice by student. in this sheet, there’s a Math formula to ensure correct answer minus choice = 0. If 0, the answer is Right.

Give it a go and let me know if you have issues.

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Thanks I’ll try.

I’m a little confused. You say 3 columns but you have 7 bullet points. Do the answer choices all go in one column? In my case, I want up to 8 answer choices. Also, questions may vary (some 1-5, some 1-6 some 1-8). Finally, how do we get the results?

When the player admits his answer, create a new row in a new table.
The new table should have these coloumns:

  • Question
  • Users Name
  • Users Answer

You can then compare this answer with the correct answer

I built a popular quiz app a while ago that may serve as inspiration → Build Custom Quizzes with This App | QuizApp by Grumo - YouTube

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