Quiz app

Hi all,
I want to make a Christmas quiz where I ask the questions and the players choose their answers in the app and in the end see the score and the winner etc. Of course I will need a sheet with questions and a sheet with players, but how do I go from there and is this possible without a complex formula in Sheets?

I would definitely suggest to make it public with email so you can tag each answer with an email. And of course a sheet for the answers that has a link to the question as well as the email of the person who answered the question.

You would have the multiple choice answers on the row with the question so maybe 5 columns with 4 wrong answers and 1 correct answer plus a column that would indicate which of the 5 columns has the correct answer.


I’ve been trying what I can, but I don’t succeed :wink:
I have the idea I would have to do extra formula’s in Google Sheets.
But maybe others no more!
No Christmas Quizz app :wink:

It would have been easy if If this AND that than … would have been possible, maybe in the future