Another day another app: Quiz Time

Quiz Time, ‘the ideal companion for every pub, pop or family quiz’.


That is AWESOME !!! I am trying to achieve some basic e-learning function, but been struggling to allow different users to login and select different answers.

Would you be happy to share the Google sheet with me?

If so, I’m at

Thank you

Hi there! This app looks great!
Would you mind telling how you get the app to show the next question after a question has been answered?

You do that by playing around with the visibility of components. So only show question 2 if answer of question 1 is not empty.
Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 23.21.25

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Ah, I will def try that! Thanks!!

This is so cool!! This would be super valuable and helpful at trivia nights.

And it would allow the bars / trivia company to collect the email of the people participating and remind them of future events

Yeah, they could a lot with it. Ideal for bars, community centres etc