How to store the choice data?

Working on my quiz. I have a sheet with questions, with users and with options.
In an ideal world I would like 1) read question 1 2) answer question 1 3) go to question 2. Any ideas about how to do that?

But I would be happy with the following as well: show a list of questions, go to question 1, be able to choose between answer 1 to 4 of question 1, go back to list, choose question 2, be able to choose answer 5 to 8 of question 2 etc.

Is the last thing possible? Or can you only have the same choices for every question?

Something else in this respect. When I make a Choice option, I know how to get the right options for people to choose from, but I would expect to be able to choose the sheet where to write the data to. I now only can choose the sheet am at?

You’ve obviously seen @Robert_Petitto’s quiz app and his thread, so I think that would be the best option for your first idea.

For you second option, I would create a relation column in your question sheet that relates the question to a sheet with potential answers for each question. Then use the relation to fill the choice component uniquely for each question. As far writing the answers to a different sheet, I would either wait for User Specific columns, use a form to write responses to a different sheet, or duplicate the questions for each user and save the answer in the question row.

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