How to store and match answers for a quiz app?

These are the 3 screens.

  1. You select the game
  2. It displays all the ques
  3. You select a ques and it shows the option.

Now how can I store the answer in a sheet and match it w the right ans for every user who plays this game ?
Im not using forms or choice component to display the options. Those are only buttons & I want to keep the same layout.

Would really appreciate any help in this matter ! Thank you

You can use a set column action on the buttons to write the answer to a user specific column. This will store the answer for each user individually in the same cell in that same row.


So does each option will redirect to a new user specific column ? I mean 4 options then 4 columns (1 for each answer )

The column would only be added when the button is selected.

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That depends on how you want to set it up, but I would probably have each button write to the same column. So if you select one button, but change your mind, the last choice will be the one that was written to the column.