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Hi - I’m trying to make a very simple app where the first screen is a create profile screen (ideally with photo). Once this is done it takes you to the second screen which is a simple questionaire. Once you complete the questionaire you go to the third screen, which is a list of all submitted answers of all users who have completed the questionnaire.

Ive been trying for a while but no success. Any tips would be amazing!

I would think you could start with a Profile page. From there you have a button with a Link to Screen action to go to you next screen. On there you could have either a form button to fill out the questionnaire, or just put entry fields on the details layout of that second screen. After the form is filled and submitted, or the entry fields are filled on the details layout screen, then the user can click on another button with the Link to Screen action to take them to the final screen with the list of answers. All of this would work best with Per User Data.

I´m having the same questionnaire problem and I´m really desperate cause it´s a very simple questionnaire but I don´t come across the clue…:persevere:

(Besides an introducing home screen) I basically have a sheet with 5 questions and 5x3 corresponding answers… I created a ‘Answers to Questions Relation’ but data sheet only displays answers to the first question…?! (see screenshot)…?!

Where is the mistake?! Thanks for help…

Bild 10.04.20 um 15.46|690x171

How is your relation set up? What does your Answers sheet look like?

Hi Jeff,

thanks for your help and sorry for intruding into your Easter idyll…I hope you´re healthy…:grinning::wave:

Now, I wanted to build an app for my colleagues at school…next semester I would like to introduce Glide to my students…so the app ist [] (
I built a answer/question spreadsheet with 5 questions and answers to each of them but the data sheet only displays answers to the first question (see the relation column in spreadsheet) …

Thanks a lot for your help…:wave::grinning:

That’s because only the first question matches word for word between sheets. All of the other questions look similar, but are worded differently.

…of course…:roll_eyes:…thank you…:+1::grinning::wave:

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