Display the right datas

Hello :vulcan_salute:

I have an app with 2 tables :

  • Questions (rows : Row ID, date, question, comments)
  • Answers (rows : Row ID connected to the question table, date, answer)

On one page of the layout I would be able to display :

  • 1 container with all the infos of a question
  • 1 container with the infos of the answer

Like this :

I can display the information of the answer, but I can’t display in a second container the information about the initial question. Glide only let me to choose items in the table answer.

Would someone know how to display the information of another table ? (the question one in my case)

If you create a relation from the question to the answer you would be able to show the related answer(s). But if there is always one answer to a question you may be better off having the question and answer as part of the same table and row.


Darren’s suggestion would work. If you have multiple answers, you can show a custom collection of answers, in the details view of the question, and as fields as needed.

If you only have one answer, the approach above would still work, but you may consider going to the one-row only for a pair of question & answer, as Darren said.

Are those answers submitted by the users, or it’s a different flow?


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