Allow public users to answer questions

Hi, I’m trying to prepare an app for an event where I would like attendees to be able to quickly answer poll questions within the app without signing in. While just having people sign up on the spot would be great, it’s unrealistic for the event. As it is now, all user profiles with emails can see the choice component to submit an answer, but if I switch the profile view to anyone the choice component isn’t even visible. Is there anyway to allow public users to submit forms like this?

Shouldn’t be a problem if you use a form. Each user will submit a form which will add a row.

Thanks for the quick response. I had created a relation column for the poll to current user profiles which doesn’t work for public users.

If users are not signed in, then they will not have a user profile row. Not sure why you need to involve a user table or user profile if users are just submitting a form anonymously. You can submit form responses to a separate table instead of a user table.

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Does your form involve multiple components?

I’m not sure why you need a choice component here and where it’s writing to.

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