Move projects to new team

Hi there!

I want to move two apps (using shared glide tables, google sheets and airtable bases) to another team.

Will everything continue to work seamlessly?
I ask this because especially with the shared glide tables, there will be a brief moment when one app is moved to the other team already and the other one isn’t (you can’t move two apps at once I suppose).

Thank you!

You should be able to seamlessly transfer the apps without issues, but I’m not completely sure how Airtable will handle it since I don’t use it but I know it can be finicky. Glide tables and Google sheets should not be a problem, even for that moment when each app is in separate teams. I have apps that cross teams but share tables and they still stay in sync.

If you want to play it safe, you may want to duplicate each app, keeping the same data, and then transfer the duplicates. The only thing is that you will then have to transfer the urls, which could lead to a momentary downtime.

Either way I think you should be fine. I would at least duplicate one and transfer it to make sure Airtable doesn’t throw a fit.

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