Mouse Scrolling Problem

My app’s URL:

I have one customer who has bought my app and says it won’t scroll on her desktop!
Been through all the obvious possibilities and can’t find a fix.

Any suggestions?

It works fine for everyone else.


Do you have a URL so we can test?

What operating system and browser?

They are using Windows 10 and have tried a number of different browsers including Firefox Edge and Chrome. They have the latest version.

The link for the app is
But it’s a Pro app and needs email approval for log in.

Thanks for your help


Have them uses the down arrow vs. the mouse scroll.

That doesn’t seem to work fro them either. I was tempted to think they didn’t know how to use the scroll on their touch pad but they got an external mouse and still couldn’t get the app to respond. I’m pretty sure it must be a problem somewhere on their computer but can’t think of anything else that it could be or how to fix it.

Please have them make a video with and send it to

Is your app utilizing the desktop/tablet mode? If not, you may want to ensure their cursor is hovering directly over the app itself (not gray area to the side where QR code is). I often see this come up with my user group. I checked the “open in desktop/tablet mode by default” setting under “Appearance”, and that curbed a lot of the questions we used to get about why their mouse wouldn’t work lol.

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