Scrolling not working

Hi, we have two versions of the app, and we have had some scrolling problems in both. It occurs on the first screen that has several user input fields. Any ideas how to fix it?

I just tested with:

  • Chrome desktop browser
  • Safari on iPhone

Seems to work fine in both.
Are there any user actions required to trigger the behaviour, or should it be evident immediately after signing in? (It wasn’t)

Once all fields are completed and the user press the button this first screen disappears and another shows up… that’s about it

But the scrolling problem happens on the first screen with all the input fields, yes?
I didn’t bother filling any of the fields in, I just tested that the scrolling on that screen worked - which it did.
Sorry, seems I cannot replicate your issue.

Perhaps it’s specific to device type. Have you tested with different devices?

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Yes, the error appeared to a tester user, and we’re trying to get his answer on what device he was using… thanks @Darren_Murphy !