Scrolling question

Once I open a selected database on the app, how do i scroll down to see the other entries?
thank you~

Hello Sandye, not sure to understand your question :slight_smile: Can you be more precise ?
Is your app already live ?

No, my app is live yet.

when I click resource type tab it takes me to career or college

when I select career and then student- I only see 8 of the 13 entries… how do I scroll down to see the others?

Worked for me. I just scrolled down to see the rest.

I wonder why it doesn’t work for me?

Are you only seeing this in the builder? How does it work when you visit the published url on a desktop and on your phone? Which browser are you using?

Is there a scroll bar?

No, there isn’t a scrollbar. I just use my finger on my phone or laptop screen, or 2 figure scroll on my touchpad, or use a mouse scroll wheel, or click and drag with the touchpad or mouse, or use the arrow or page buttons on my keyboard.


Thank you for your help. I was trying to scroll in the builder function.

I tried it on my phone and it worked.

I appreciate your quick replies.


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On my phone (and all of my friends phones), it’s works with 2 fingers but not just one finger. Could you help me @Jeff_Hager ?

How do you normally scroll a web page on a phone? It should be the same. Do you have a video or an app link you can share? Or at least some screenshots to get a better idea of the issue you are running into.

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