Most popular articles by hits

I’d like to show on my magazine a list of the most popular articles based on hits (how many people opened that article) and/or based on how many people favorited them.

Any clue of how to do this?

@ThinhDinh you must have an idea :slight_smile:


Thanks for asking this @SuperMerabh!
This should be very easy when we can roll up user specific fields but there is not ETA on that. I am eager to hear if @ThinhDinh, @Jeff_Hager, and @Robert_Petitto can suggest some solution until then.


Waiting anxious for that!!


How are they getting to your articles? Images have increment actions.

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Well, I know its not my expertise but once we can’t do as @S_C said, the only way to get how many people opened that article is only with script in GS (@ThinhDinh rocks on it)

Or you can try another way, but you gotta see what’s better for your app flow.
If you use a increment action (in a button, for instance), where people can upvote that article (not user-specific column), here you can use a Rollup column and check which is the most popular article


Just thinking outside the box…any way to leverage

Perhaps you can see total page views now that deep linking is a thing? Not sure how it will associate the page to the row, but perhaps you could pull in some data this way?

You could also employ a medium article style clapping feature for a quick solution.


They click on an article from an inline list…does it count?

That’s what I said @SuperMerabh

I prefer that they don’t have to upvote, just visit the article :smile:

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I’ll look into all that, thank you @Robert_Petitto :pray:

I imagined
Let’s wait till when we can roll up user specific fields


As others have said, I think we all want a native solution to this, and I have seen some apps did it.

Take example The Athletic (a sports articles app), every time I click on a link from the homepage, when I come back the article is “greyed out” and mark as read. There must be some schemes behind the scenes that logs your device ID and the article into their database when you click on it.

I imagine this will be easier when we have a “workflow” scheme inside Glide and I’m sure many people would be happy to pay for it. In this specific case, let’s say when you click an item, record your user ID and the article ID to a new sheet as a new row. Then we can use rollup to get the total number of views, and mark that article as read.

As of now, the closest we have is to ask them to use an increment action, but that isn’t native, and there’s no way we can prevent them from increasing the count multiple times.


Brilliant solution @ThinhDinh! I’ll give it a try :clap::ok_hand::clap:

Hello @SuperMerabh,
Hope you have already solved the case.
I think you could get a solution with a Zapier connection. It works well.
Have a great day.

Can you describe more? Thank you.

I didn’t try the suggestions yet, so I don’t have a solution yet :slight_smile: