Get the count of number of clicks


In my app I gave created users profile & users will login singing password to the app.
There is a share button in each profile page …
I want to keep the count of number of times the user has clicked the share button in his page.( in separate column)

How this can be achieved using glide…

I believe this will work if you enable Pro and leverage Google analytics.

My app is a pro app…my app contains lot of users profiles … I want tthe count of how many times a user has clicked the share button placed in his profile page as separate column in Google sheet…

Hi @chethan_M,

Thanks for writing in. If you have Google Analytics configured for you Pro app, you’ll be able to achieve this by creating “Events”. Here’s some information that might be helpful:

We’re at your disposal should you have any further questions.

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Not sure if this helps…this add one will let you import your Google analytics data into sheets. I haven’t done anything like this, so I’m not certain whether it would work:

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Ok…will try it

Then let me know if it works so I can replicate this for gamification purposes! :grin:

@iamtomgray does this actually work though? We can see ‘click’ events being sent by Glide in Google Analytics, but there’s no meta data attached to the event to indicate what was clicked on, or the page it was on. The other events do include this, so not sure if this is a bug or a feature? :smiley:

Hi @James_Crowley,

Thanks for writing in. I’m working on a few projects that require something similar so will give this some testing with respect to the Share Button, etc.

Hope you’re keeping healthy and well.

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Hey! Any news on this? Also struggling with counting the number of clicks on a button OR counting the number of time a link is open from a button

Hi @Manuel_Rodriguez_do,

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I am able to track button clicks if the button is a “link to screen” as I see within Google Analytics page/tab views, etc. And I’m looking into using the increment feature more as a means to count clicks (I set the visibility permissions to display components/tabs once an increment has been triggered. It’s a workaround.) Some other experts might have a little more insight on this but, hopefully, this article might be of some help.

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Hi @iamtomgray! Thanks for replying.
I am actually using “Open Link” and opening an outside link from Firebase storage, so haven’t found a solution that works with Google Analytics.
I would actually prefer counting clicks directly on glide. This would be easy/easier if a button could have more than one action directly on Glide