Track profile views based on date

Hey there,

I am looking to incorporate additional analytics into my app. My app has different user profiles, and I would like the users to be able to see how many views their profile received each day, week, month, etc… and have them see the history/progression of their profiles views over time. Are there are recommendations on how to best go about doing this?

I have google analytics setup, but is this something that I can accomplish in Glide? Or is GA necessary to achieve this functionality?

Any help is appreciated! Thank you :slight_smile:

You can do this with Glide, but it would consume a lot of rows.

Let’s say you have an additional Glide Table for this. You would need to house columns for profile email/ID, date and total number of views.

Then on each view of the profile, either create a new row for the date (if it has not been added) or increment the total views (by using a lookup and a math column, alongside a set column action as you can’t increment through a relation).

Thank you for your response :slightly_smiling_face: that’s what I was worried about (the sheer number of rows that this could consume), but the sound of the process makes sense.

Do you know if Google analytics would be able to track something like this, potentially being able to decrease the number of rows that this would consume? Thanks again!

I have no experience with Google Analytics, hope someone else can chime in.

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Google Analytics tells you a lot of things, clicks on specific screens, views etc. Connect it and spend sometime exploring all the data that can be collected