Just want a count of who many times app is opened?

Before I commit to any upgrades I don’t even know how much my app is being used and whether it is worth more work. In all my wanderings through this forum and the docs I think the answer is “no”, but I will ask anyway - is there a way to know how many “hits” my app is getting if I am a free user?

Google Analytics is the obvious initial answer: Google Analytics - Glide Library

If you are concerned about reinvesting into the project, I think upgrading to PRO for a month and watching analytics is a great way to gauge that. It’s $32 / month and you can turn it off once you’ve made your decision.

A more roundabout way is possible depending on the data in your app. You can look at logins in Google Sheets and how often rows are being added. Another approach would be setting up a Google App Script to record some information every time an edit is made to Google Sheets.

And another idea is adding a compound action to your app to send off a webhook or zap every time a button is pressed or list item is pressed to record some type of tracking information.

Those are some workarounds, but you are correct - tracking openings on the free plan is not supported.


you can create a counter on each tab or button, or picture, or list… just add a column and use increment action, also you can add email and timestamp column… you will know who… when and which tab was open…
no paid plan need it or google analytics… :wink:

You can also make a landing page that greets your users and provides some kind word of the day or somehting but have a button on it that when it is clicked it logs the clicks and you can refer to that log as to know how often it is being used, one step further you can have that click log the persons name or email to see how many unique ppl open the app…just a thought.

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@Drearystate and @Uzo’s answers work, but are less efficient. It’s not great for your app users to have to click a button immediately.

The best solution would be Google analytics

If he has google analytics, yes, use that. But if he does not and is wanting to see if the upgrade is worth it then these are some alternatives.

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you can have first tab a welcome tab, with button to continue… like i did in Code BOOK app

you can see the counter on the left, top corner


He can only use google analytics if his app is pro and he is unsure if it warrants to cost.

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OK, I waited a little bit to see what else was shared before I sent a summary of what I heard:

  1. The only way to easily get usage stats is to have a prod membership. So, first option is to go Pro (at least for a month) and collect the stats before I drop back to free.
  2. The second option is to add some functionality to force the users to touch something when they get on the app, then “log” data from that.
  3. Third option would require some sort of action that updates the Google sheet for any user activity. This would require writes back and would use the limited quota available to free users.

I am leaning toward #1, as it is simple and Glide is already worth the price.

Thank you again to everyone.

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you can use this code in rich text, it is an access counter to your app

<div align = "center"> <img src = 'https: //megacontador.com.br/img-Azj12SkuKBN5FES4-26.gif' border = '0'> </a> </div>