Our Forum: create conversations with your audience

:wave: Hey all!

Just wanted to take moment to showcase my newest template: Our Forum

Our Forum can be used as a forum, FAQ, or discussion board.

This app allows your users to:

  • Create rich text posts
  • Attach images or create image carosels
  • Reply to / Bookmark posts
  • Cheer (Clap) for posts
  • Mark replies as solutions
  • Level up based on number of contributions
  • Assign admins/moderators that can edit/delete posts

Here are some screenshots:

And the Promo Video:

Take it for a spin!


Beauty! Great job!

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This app is awesome nice job @Robert_Petitto
Is this app for glide

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Thanks, @Robert_Petitto!

:+1: Well done @Robert_Petitto ! The rank feature mixed with the profil image is powerful!

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Nope, just a template for anyone who wants to use it!

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Looks great brother :muscle: