More detail around the features of PRO apps

Hi Glide team, I just discovered you today and I am excited to use Glide in my business. I’ve looked at a couple of PRO apps to purchase however, I feel the information about the features and functionality isn’t detailed enough to convert me to a sale. Am I missing something ? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi Edwina,

Are you talking about purchasing the Pro Apps in the template store, or a Pro Subscription for your app?

Hi Thinh, thanks for the quick reply! Looking at purchasing the PRO Apps. :slight_smile:

The information on each Pro App depends on the author of that app. Can we have the links to the apps you wanna purchase so we can mention the right people in to answer your questions?

I’m not a Glide team member, just another Glider who wants to help.

That’s so good of you! Here are the apps. I just wanted to know more about the features for example, can you set up recurring tasks etc etc. Similar to the bullet points you see in the Apple App Store.

Thanks Thinh.



First app was done by @sardamit.

Second one was done by @Jonne_Paes.

Hi Edwina,
Thanks for your interest! Did you have a look at the video demo of the app? You also can preview the app and test it out. Recurring tasks isn’t a feature at the moment and also not possible in Glide as I know. Let me know if you have some other answers, happy to answer them!

You can learn more here:

Please let me know if you have other questions not covered in our website.