PRO App limited

I would highly recommend for Glide, to create a new plan below $10, that would have all PRO App features but limited (less rows, less storage… etc.)
That would help to try out full subscription while building the App or create samples for customers that have all functions and look like a PRO App.
I know, this will generate a lot of full subscriptions for Glide!

I will pay for this.


Me too, i have so many samples… and they don’t look good on desktop and tablet.
Plus i can’t show locations calculating and many more services, because is only 10 in free App… i’m using more than 10, just to adjust settings when creating a sample.


i have many apps that i use for my self and employees, that i will switch to PRO if is like $5 per month, i don’t need much rows or storage. It would be nice if these Apps have locations and little bit more rows, so I don’t need to use filters in google sheets to keep rows under 500 :slight_smile:

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Yes, i do the same trick to take out rows from glide… lol

there is so many tricks to run free App on much bigger scale, but why ? Sooner or later many users will figure it out, just let us pay a little for a little projects and everybody gonna be happy.

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specially now Glide PRO lower transactions fees to 2%… I can bet if the monthly subscriptions for limited PRO go down below $10, i see so many contractors who have 1-5 jobs a month using this platform to process credit cards… or garage sales… or home made goods…

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4 votes 4 hours… good start!


Thank you guys for votes.