Question about Pro pricing versus free

I’m really worried with what I saw in There is a counter and the information that I’ll be required to pay if my app uses more than 500 rows. I’m using Glideapp to facilitate the activities of my church community with many apps, to my personal finance, to my wife’s work and here in Brazil, $19 per month is a lot of money per app. Netflix, for example, apply here a specific value for brazilian. Converted to US dollar, is 5~6 bucks for the entire service. Apple, Google, Amazon and other do the same. I invested a lot of time training people, creating apps and offering Glide as a spreadsheet’s revolution, and to abandon now would be very frustrating for me, my church community and family. Glide team, think about it, please.



I would be interested to know as well.

I also find it very expensive at Brazil level, totally disproportionate to other similar services

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I hadn’t noticed this before either. It’s what happens often though with startups when the money needs to get in: limiting users into paid versions.

Hello! We are announcing some changes to our Free vs. Pro tiers in the coming weeks, including row limits for free apps and many of our Pro features also becoming free.

We also plan to localize our pricing to make Glide more affordable in Brazil, but that will come after.

Any apps you’ve already created will remain unlimited, and we plan to offer a big discount for existing users who want to upgrade to Pro. We’ll say more early next week.


Come on, everyone. Glide is a business. They’re doing the same thing that all of us are: creating value so that you can harvest later. They’re experimenting with different payment models so that they can strike a balance between giving away their hard work and asking for some reimbursement (payment). Please don’t pretend that Glide should give away their product and never ask for payment. Their tool has given me a new way to try out my ideas that would have otherwise taken me months or years more work on a different platform. Or more realistically, my projects probably would have just never materialized.


That’s what you make of it.

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I really understand. For me the question was well answered by @david in advising that apps already created won’t be asked to payment. My example, in Brazil, I really think it would be very expensive to my church community and me to pay for every app created. The true issue would be if they change the rules in the middle of the game even the apps created and if I needed abandon all the environment created. It would be very bad news for us. But if they change for new apps, with local cost applied to countries, I think it is fair and probably I’ll have some payment apps in future.


I think it would be interesting to have a Netflix-like plan where the user could create as many applications as they want for a reasonable amount.


hi! @david, when and where was this announced?

This is the same case in Israel. As an example, Netflix cost in Israel 9.9 USD so for us paying 20 for 1 app will most probably kill the ability to grow the glide community here and to build apps for customers as they will not pay such high monthly fee.
Awaiting to see your official communication on this and the localized pricing.

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Same here in Dominican Republic, that’s a very high fee for 1 app. Please offer plan affordable, similar to Netflix.

This isn’t announced yet, it’s not even released. Someone saw an unannounced feature on our testing server and began a thread about it here.

We’ll share more info next week.


My case is the same. I am from Bolivia and paying 29 $ month is very expensive here, It’s a good Glide platform but it needs to have the prices according to the region. They could take us into account there are many people interested in the framework but they leave it for the price.

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Silly question! How do I add the 500 free rows (or any additional rows resulted from my Referrals) to my free app?

Every free app already has 500. If you get rows due to referrals those are added to all your free apps instantly.

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Please considering localizing price for India too. Its too expensive $1= Rs 80