Missing column types on data editor

Only the following column types are available on my data editor. Does anyone experience the same thing?


It seems you are missing the plugin columns. Are you looking to add a plugin, or which type of column are you trying to add?

Yes, I’m referring to the plugin columns. They were there but disappeared since days ago after I no longer can add new apps in My Apps folder. Do I have to manually install the plugin?

I see the plugins when I try to add a new column, so I’m not sure why you don’t They should be available to you. Have you restarted your browser since you started noticing them missing?

Regarding New Apps…As it states on the new app button, you must create a team folder and create your app there. The My Apps folder will eventually be phased out.


Yes, I created a new team folder. But when I add a new app, I don’t see the plugins on my data editor. That’s strange :thinking:

Hmm, I’m not sure what to tell you. I just tried in an existing team and also created a new team. I created new apps and I can still see all of the columns types. If you still haven’t restarted your browser, I’d still try that. Also check your zoom setting in your browser…but I see that you have scrolled and your scrollbar is at the bottom, so that probably isn’t the issue, but doesn’t hurt to check. Otherwise I’d suggest reporting it to glide support.


Yes, I have restarted my browser. Anyway thanks a lot for trying to troubleshoot for me, Jeff. You’re a great man and I’ve been learning a lot from you and other gliders in this community :+1: I’ll contact glide support and see what they can do for me.