Migrating from Classic Error 1035 and 1003 (Sheets)

I’m trying to migrate an app from classic and I’m getting 1003 when trying to create a new app from data:

I went through google sheets and cleared all of the extra empty rows and columns and then realized it wasn’t even syncing anymore:

I followed this thread: https://community.glideapps.com/t/glide-and-sheet-not-in-sync-error-1003-and-1035/67737 and emptying cache/cookies/signing back in with google did not work for me.

I checked google permissions and glide still has access (and the sheet never moved or changed permissions). But I also noticed when I try to go to settings > data sources > replace, it prompts the google auth windows, but after I grant access nothing happens. It never gives me an option to select a sheet (isn’t it supposed to?). I was trying to see if I could copy the sheet EXACTLY per another thread and I can’t even get that to work because I can’t change data sources. I did not want to remove data source because it says it’ll remove all components. I just want to get my app out of classic — any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

In short: export tabs to CSV fils and import the CSV files to Glide Tables.

You could try the following:

  • Create a blank app
  • Create Glide Tables and as many tables as you have tabs in Google Sheets. Name these tables the same as the tabs.
  • Export each tab in Google Sheets to a CSV file.
  • Import each file to its own Glide Table.

Of course this is not a quick as creating a new app from data, but hopefully export and importing each tab would work.

In my case there was a weird authentication issue. I am not sure what EXACTLY happened but…

I had to do an ad-hoc demo on another person’s laptop so I signed into my Glide account on their laptop using google which authenticate to my phone. Being paranoid I logged out of all devices for google (logging out ALL google apps including drive) and then reset my google password. At this point I believe I disconnect the authentication between google and Glide. Everything had access - but could not authenticate. So google tables failed and Glide tables worked.

After a panic of a day (clearing caches and all the other activities) I signed into Glide using my google account (not email which I normally do) and access to drive/sheets worked. I had somehow disconnected authentication between Google and Glide and thankfully got reconnected when I used Google authentication to sign into Glide.

BTW - this is the thread where I described the process that I used to clear google off all devices/services (and which caused all my problems) if that helps. Log out all developers - #6 by MattLB

Good luck!

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I think there is a lesson there. Always sign into Glide using your Google account :slightly_smiling_face: