Message : free map limit reached

Hello i have this message displayed in my app : “free map limit reached. Some location may not be displayed”

I dont understand why because i dont have a lot of data.
Does anyone know how can i delete this message?

The free version of glide will only geolocate 10 addresses. You can either go pro, or get the lat,long coordinates for each address and use the coordinates instead.


Thank you for you answer ! do you mean i have to add a column with the coordinates ?

Yes, and use that for your address source.

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Sorry , Yes i see now ! Thank u Jeff !

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How should i concat the coordonnates in the adresse value?
Latitude : 46.0833
Longitude : 5.7833

Have not tried myself but if it requires to be concatenated, a comma in between should be enough.

I.e: 46.0833, 5.7833



yes thank you :slight_smile:

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This may be helpful for people.

Let me know your results.

I am currently trying to make this work.