Merge form data submitted the same day


Is it possible to merge the content submitted through a form if the submissions have been done the same day. The goal is to have one line per day and not one line per submission with the function “Inline List”

For instance, in my apps a student can fill in the same form several time a day. As I want only one form in my app (and not one form per question) students usually fill in partially the form then submits it and later during the class resubmit the same form but connected to different question. A Student in this specific situation cannot (is not supposed to) answer the same question twice in the same day so it should be possible to merge his data in one line and use the Inline List function to read only one submission per day.

I hope my question is clear enough and thank you in advance for your help advice or new way to manage my situation with Glide Apps.

It’s possible, but might not be exactly what you’re expecting regarding the User Experience.

One approach could be to have them complete one portion of the form, then allow them to finish “the form” by having them view the details of their partial submission and use the edit feature to have them complete any fields they didn’t finish the first time. This method forces them to one form submission a day.

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Thank you it is an easy way to do it even if it means that they can (the students) change their answers for the first submissions while their are editing the last question.

Thx again for your quick answer