Members having trouble logging in

I’ve been notified that some members of my app cant log in it say this email doesn’t have access and its all correct in the sheet! anyone else having issues?

Do you have a whitelist app?

yes it is

Not sure what the problem is, but I would check if there are leading or trailing spaces in any of the emails inside the whitelist sheet, and make sure people are logging in using the exact email they’re having in the whitelist.

its been working fine for all issue just started today with a number of complaints and yet i logged out and back in ok i alsocheck there sheets and all is good there

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hmm some still having trouble login in… i haven’t change anything and all was working fine still puzzled???

my setting is Limit access by email

same as it has been since i created it

hmm seem to have been a error in my app sheet why it happen i don’t know but i got it working now !!!