Max number

In the number entry, there is a Max Value. I try to use this, eg 2, but I am still able to enter numbers higher than 2.

Suggestions on how to implement this please. Thanks.

Does it show an error when you add a number greater than 2?

It just allows you to key in any number…seems it does not function.

Normally it allows you to enter any number, but as @ThinhDinh suggests, it should display an error message if it goes above your max number

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Oh yes. I saw the error when I move to the next field. I was hoping it won’t allow to key-in…
How do we pick up this error and setup a condition to not allow submission?

Do you use a form here or it’s an entry on a details view?

Entry on details view…I have setup a condition so that the “submit” will not be visible…I think that is best can do?

Yes, if you are using an “add row” button then set the conditions to submit based on that number entry (plus all other things you need).

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I generally use a hint component to display a warning, and that component is only visible when certain conditions are met. ie. “illegal” value in a text input.


I use the same. Tq