Is it possible to block the user from submitting a form if it does not comply with the minimum and maximum value limits?

Hey, i have a number entry with max length of 14 characters, and every time my user put more than that it keeps working! But, if it puts more than 14 it gets a wrong response of the app. So i want to block it from receiving a response from the application if it puts more than 14 characters. Can i do that?

Odds are youll need to use a custom form vs native form as there currently is no way to set conditions on when the form can be submitted outside of making certain components required.

Using a custom form, youd have to find a way to count the # of chars entered into your text entry and show a submit button if 14 or less.

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Hi Joanna,

As answered in your other post, yes you can do it by using the “text length” column if it’s a text entry or an If then else columns if its a number, and check it’s more than 14 characters.

If condition is not matched, in your button, add a notifications saying it’s more than 14 characters, otherwise, do the actions.

Yes, max and min length for text entry only work in forms.
You could count the length of the text entry using a “text lengh” column.
Then on your button action, you set this logic:
IF, the data entered by user > than your limit of character THEN show notifications “max characters X”.

From your previous post

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Hey Lucas!

So, I am trying to do that, but i cannot find my “text length” column on the options of my column sources. I recorded a video to show you, can you see what i am doing wrong?

And, after doing that, i need to send the information inputed by the user to the other column “CNPJ/search” so all the logic works, i need to use the “Set Column” action? I dont know if it will work, because my “cnpj/search” is user specific, and i saw that “Text length” cannot be user specific…

You are trying to set the source of your entry component to a computed column. You can’t write values to a computed column as they don’t store values. They only compute them.

You should be writing to the search column. The purpose of the Text Length column is to then compute the length of the value in the search column.

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As @Jeff_Hager said, you would need to have at least 2 columns, one containing the text and the other calculating the number of characters in the text.

Then if true allow your user to go on to the next step in your app.

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hey!!! i didt it, thank you for your help!

I created a relation between my “search column” and the “text lenght” column, than i created between the “text length” column and the response for the user.