Text Entry Exceeds Specified Maximum Length Constraint

The text input field that is supposed to restrict user input to a certain maximum length is currently not enforcing this limit correctly. Users are able to enter and submit text exceeding the specified maximum length without any error message or prevention mechanism.

Enforcing the maximum (or any required state) only works inside of a Native form. If you are trying to enforce those rules outside of a form then you’ll have to build the logic yourself and tie it in to your action.

I believe you can use a “Text Length” Column to total how many characters are entered. Then use an ITE to show a Hint Message if over 64 characters.

Thus the user types in your Event Text Input and once it goes over 64 characters, a Hint pops up stating “Over 64 character limit”.

Then you’ll add a Visibility condition to your submit button if Text Length is <= 64, so the user can only submit if less than 65 characters.