Cell Character Limit?

Is there a way to format the cell’s character limit? I would like there to be a 125 character limit inside all of my cells. Thanks. - AJ

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I don’t think there is currently a way to limit the length of text in and entry field in the app. I’m sure you could do it withing the sheet using scripting or formulas, but that wouldn’t stop someone from entering more than 125 characters.

I suppose it could be possible much like the way Number Entry fields only allow numbers. Are you looking for some sort of RegEx control or just simply a maximum character limit?

Yea it was I wanted to limit the number of characters that user enters into the cells. I do know that Excel has that capability to adjusting ‘text length’.

Would you mind elaborating on why you need to limit the length of the text in your cells, please?

I also want to limit text in certain columns by size. Say I want message to be only 150 characters for the sake of ease for users.