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Alright… do you have any idea to solve the minimum character problem?

I don’t know if this way works for your app but you can use the =LEN formula in your sheet, that formula extract in numbers the quantity of characters in a row, so if you have a name ROBERTO the formula will get number 7, so what you can do is create a row LEN to get the quantity of characters, another row for limit the characters with the maximum number you want MAX LEN, and the NAME row, so in glide do if LEN is > bigger than MAX LEN, then hide buttons or show a warning text…

thats my poor solution, I hope Glide guys upgrade that, specially in a form component.

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I think I can try ur method, Awesome Solution Roberto!

Mind you that it will require you to bring back the value to the sheet first before validation, just in case you want them in a form.

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