Number input that accepts 0 left

Hey guys! I have a number input where i want it to accept and read 0 left, but if the user input some data with 0 left the application doesnt recognize it and erases the zero automatically. There is some way to fix it?


You mean you want the user to enter “0 left” in the number entry?
If so, it’s not possible as number entries only accept numbers.

What is your scenario exactly? Maybe you could implement some workaround.

Yes! My number entry is a government registration of brazilian companies, and sometimes it can start with the number 0. But, my application erases the 0 on my data base when it happens.

What you can do instead, as it’s an ID, is use a text entry instead of a number entry which will keep the 0.

Can your gov id contains number and letters?

So i thought about it too, and right now i am usgin the text entry. Even with this specified in the “max length” field the user can put more than 14 (or even press the enter of the keyboard) and the application continues to work.
The problem is that this field is meant to perform a search in my database, and I have some rules for:

  • If the input data is equal to any data in my database: return X
  • If input data is not found in the database, return Y:

What is happening is that the user puts a data that exists in my database and presses an enter, which the application recognizes as a character, and so it receives the wrong return from the system.

That is why i am asking if i can use the number entry and block any character that isn’t a number

Yes, max and min length for text entry only work in forms.

You could count the length of the text entry using a “text lengh” column.
Then on your button action, you set this logic:

IF, the data entered by user > than your limit of character THEN show notifications “max characters X”.

Then to know if at has already been use, you can create a relation between the data submitted in the text entry by the user and you column where all the previous submitted data is stored. If the relation is empty then the user can submit, otherwise he needs to change.


Please look into building a custom form with Lucas’ suggestion above.


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